Take Your Team From “Me” to “We”

Have you noticed that our goals and dreams will rarely be accomplished with a solo effort? For almost all of us, in order for us to see those goals reached and those dreams become a reality, we need a team working alongside us as we press on toward a common goal and vision together. 

One of the 7 principles of play within our LeadershipWorks Team Playbook is…

TEAM FIRST: If we get better, we’ll get bigger.

The emphasis here is on “we.” A foundational leadership principle is that every member of the team – from top to bottom – must prioritize “we” over “me.”

Does that sound like a mountain to climb? If you’re patient and model the 4 keys below, you’ll see this principle begin to take place amongst your teams sooner than you think. 

4 keys that will take your team from “me” to “we”:

1. Make sure the team is always bigger than any individual player.

Every good team has star players, but truly great teams make every player a star in their specific position and ability.

2. Encourage your team to regularly ask themselves 2 questions:

What are 3 specific ways I can prioritize “we” over “me”?
What tempts me to make it about “me first” instead of “team first”?

3. The goal of the players must be the goal of the team.

As a team member, do you have a clear understanding of the goals of your team?

  • Check in with your boss or team leader regularly to make sure you’re still on the right track.
  • Whatever you do, choose to be proactive, not passive.

As a team leader, what are the goals for your team or business?

  • Cast the vision to your next level leaders.
  • Come together with your team leaders and begin identifying actionable steps they can take back to their teams.

4. Model responsibility by adopting the attitude that says, “If it’s my team then it’s my job… even when it’s not my job.”

I’ve been known to say that if I hear “It’s not my job” from a team member (or from a team leader – leaders aren’t exempt), they may find themselves without a job at all!

Chris Conlee

Chris is the lead pastor of Highpoint Church and author LoveWorks: The Key to Making Life Work coming to bookstores on February 20, 2018